Sustainable Food Security

The UNEP’s recent report, The Environmental Food Crisis, outlines seven ways to improve human food security (I’ve paraphrased here):

1) Implement tougher price regulations to minimize crippling price fluctuations.
2) Remove subsidies from “first generation” biofuels (eg, crops like corn, soy, sugar, etc.) to encourage the use of “higher generation” biofuels (ie, the stuff people were going to toss anyway) to free up land for people food.
3) Stop using valuable cereals and fish in animal food. Use these crops for people instead and let the animals have the “fish discards” and “post-harvest losses”.
4) Support sustainable farmers (ie, those that provide ecosystem services to the community).
5) Increased market access (but not free market access – see point #1).
6) Encourage land use policies that mitigate climate change. Educate people on the effects of population and consumption on food supply.

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